Tobias Schlingensiepen - Hard name, easy choice for Kansas Senate District 18!


Sam Brownback may be gone, but many of his allies remain in the Kansas Legislature. They want to bring back reckless Brownback-era policies, but Tobias Schlingensiepen knows Kansans cannot afford to go backwards. That’s why he’s committed to:



Tobias believes all Kansans deserve access to affordable healthcare that covers pre-existing conditions. That’s why he supports Medicaid expansion. He knows that a healthier, more productive workforce will help our state economy grow, which provides stability to hardworking families.



Tobias knows Kansans cannot afford to go backwards with devastating Brownback-era policies. He is committed to practicing fiscal responsibility and restoring tax fairness to promote job growth, and reduce the burden on hardworking Kansans and Kansans living on fixed incomes.



Tobias understands the struggles small businesses are having to overcome as they navigate the pandemic. He supports providing assistance to small businesses so they can recover and thrive. He is also committed to protecting investments in the 10-year transportation plan, which creates good-paying jobs, improves roads, highways, and bridges, and expands rural broadband.



As a father and a grandfather, Tobias understands how important it is to educate the next generation of Kansas workers. He knows public education is at the foundation of a strong economy, and he will fight to protect the critical investments in education at all levels, from early childhood to K-12 public schools through higher education, technical education, and career training programs.


Kansas needs leaders like Tobias Schlingensiepen, invested in our communities and committed to moving Kansas forward. Elect Tobias on November 3.